About Courage & Moral

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear. Courageous people have the same feelings, they are also afraid of some things, but truly brave person manage to triumph over his fears. 

Late in the evening I was walking in the park. Suddenly I heard scream coming from behind bushes. I stopped to listen and understood that a woman was attacked. I heard sounds of fighting and muttering. For several moments I was hesitating, should I get involved?

I panicked. I was frightened for my own safety. Maybe it is better to call the police? Then I realized that a woman‘s voice becomes weaker, so I knew I have to act quickly. Can I run away from this? Finally I decided that I have to help this unknown woman even if I am risking my own life. I felt some strange transformation inside, the moral and physical strength, so I ran behind the bushes. I pulled the attacker off the girl. We felt to the ground and grappled for several minutes. Then the assailant jumped up and ran away.

Breathing hard I slowly came up to the girl, who was cowering behind a tree. It was dark, so I could not see her face clearly. I felt, that she is very frightened, so I talked to her from a distance: "You are safe now, it‘s ok, the man had run away“. After a few moments I heard her words with a great amazement in her voice: "Dad, is that you?” And then I realized that the girl was my youngest daughter.

That night I did not sleep, my mind was blown with questions like what if there was some other person in my place? Would he have saved my daughter? Or what if I would have just moved on without saving her? I just thanked my inner voice, my morals and God for letting me be in that position when my daughter needed me the most, I realized one should never keep his morals subjective. Even though the event kept me sleepless for next whole week, every night I thanked myself for inculcating and sustaining the morals with which I grew up.


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