Is There Life After Birth

This story is about twin babies who are having a philosophical discussion in the womb. Their dialog goes as follows:

- Do You believe in life after birth?
- Of course! Everybody knows there is a life after birth. We´re here now because we have to grow and get ready for what´s to come.
- That´s ridiculous! There´s no life after birth. What could such a life be like?
- I don´t know exactly, but there must be more light than in here. Maybe we´ll walk on our legs and eat with our mouth.
- Nonsense! It´s impossible for us to walk. And eating with our mouth? That´s crazy. We get our food through the umbilical cord. And obviously there can be no life after birth because the umbilical cord is too short.
- Well, I think it´s possible. It´ll just be different from what we´re used to in here.
- But nobody has ever come back after birth. Birth is the end of life. And frankly, life is just meaningless existence in the darkness. There´s no point to it, and we´re going nowhere.
- No! I don´t know exactly what it will be like after birth, but I´m sure that we´ll see our Mother and she`ll take care of us.
- Mother? You believe in Mother? And just where is She then?
- Where? She´s all around us! And we´re inside her. We´re her children. In her we live and move and have our being. Without her we wouldn´t exist. 
- That´s absurd! I´ve never seen this "Mother," so there´s no such thing.
- I don´t agree with you. In fact, sometimes when it´s quiet, you can hear her sing and feel her caress our world. You know, I believe that we´re here to prepare for the life to come, and our true life starts after birth.


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